Hey all, I think I am going to order a sample pack at SweetCurls Elixir and was wondering if any had tried the stuff and what you think. My idea right now is the following:

Formulas for hair type FSG Elixir (Formula 2)
SweetCurls Elixir Curl Cream
SweetCurls Okra Defining Gel
SweetCurls Conditioning Elixir

I was originally going to try the all the above except okra and instead have another conditioner with some protein added, but decided I think I want to try the okra gel. I am also wondering about fragrance. My hubby loves the smell of coconut and would have me wear the tropicana tanning spray if I would, so I was thinking coconut creme or coconut? Then again French Vanilla sounds good too? Anyone tried these products and/or fragrances?

My hair properties as best I can tell are fine (but lots of it), low porosity, not chemically treated (except the ends where I am growing out red color) 2a. I really want to tame the frizz and that is the main objective. I like the beachy wavy type look, so not really worried about enhancing curl.