Can someone please help me! I did something stupid and I don't know what to do.
Two months ago I got my hair dyed dark at a salon, then I tried to lighten it on my own twice, then went back to the salon to fix what I did. All this was in a very short time span. When I left the salon the last time I noticed I lost maybe 40% of my hair! Then since then I keep losing more and more. Now it's been two months and the hair loss slowed down but now I probably lost 60% of my hair and I haven't seen any regrowth!
So my question is how long will it take to start to see regrowth and will it come back? I'm afraid i damaged my follicles and it will never grow back. In the last two months the rest of my hair has grown just not the bald spots.. Please someone give me some good new and tell me just to be patient it will grow back!