Weren't you questioned after the previous fall? Let's hope that does not happen again if you need to be checked.
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it's not as bad this time and i didn't need to go to emergency. my GP took a look at it last night and just wants me to let him know if i start getting the hard spots in the muscle when it starts to heal. he also suggested i have my balance checked since i have had inner ear problems in the past.

i'm sore and bruised, but otherwise okay.
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Good. It would be incredibly annoying to go through round 2 of that.

I hate you are sore & bruised, but that's better than some alternatives. Nothing broken!! It probably would be wise to have your balance checked if you have had inner ear problems in the past. It's amazing how much that can mess with you. In the meantime, heal quickly! Have some wine, but don't fall on the bottles

Remind me to never tell you about the time I face planted in my bed room during a power outage.


I think some hospitals get out of hand with the ???. I was listening to a group of moms talk at work a couple weeks ago. All had been questioned the first time they took their kids in for broken bones. Surrounded by a group of people and questioned. Give me a break! I can see it if you are continuously bringing a child in with injuries or if something really seems off, but I know all these people and they are good ones. Not only that but isht happens. Kids occasionally break things or fall and get hurt. It's well know that they are avid risk takers. You can't stop every injury. I don't care how safe you make the play grounds, and you can't treat every parent like they are abusing their child because an accident happened that the child will completely recover from.


I might have found the dumbest thing I have ever read. First dumb comment.... "Gen Y built the Internet". Where do I start? Second dumb comment, "We have not seen any compensation from it." Whhhhaaaattttt!?!?!?! That's almost as good as Gen Y elected the president and is the only generation to help with gay rights. Oh my word. The oldest members were just reaching 18+ when Obama was elected (in other words, the first half. of course like any other gen. not all voted and not all voted dem). He would have gone in if no Millennial voted, period, and I might fly into a rage if I even address the second. This is why children should be seen and not heard. Now, lets go back to the matter at hand. How in the world do you actually expect to get money because you use Facebook and Twitter? Do you get money for shopping at Walmart? This isn't even a generational thing. When you look at the time period, the technology started during the Silent Generation. It grew during the time of the Boomers, was greatly cultivated during X, and that leads us to Napster (copy write infringement and piracy) and Zuckerberg. Individual people built it. We the people of 5 (I would say 6 but the remaining members of the oldest gen really do not use it as much) different generations use it. Same as you use a tv, or play video games, which you should not expect royalties from either.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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