My oldest nephew has had a crappy couple of days. He's been visiting his brother at school in the Caribbean in between his internships. My oldest nephew volunteered to bring a suit case back for his bro so he didn't have to deal with so many bags on his trip home in a few months. It was one bag full of clothes and shoes. He was detained by security, held and questioned for 2.5 hours in Miami. The total time of his lay over. They finally let him go after they took him up on his offer to feel free to search the bag and spent 40 minutes inspecting every item of clothing. He almost missed his flight to Charlotte, which is where he is temp. moving for his second internship. When he got there he was told that he needed to provide his college diploma before he could stay in the provided housing. He doesn't graduate from his job specific program until May. He finally got that straightened out, and just found out he is rooming with the class a**hole.

*At least we know security is taking their job seriously. Bless him. I do understand that it's odd for someone to come back with an extra bag after a short trip.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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