I have used this product before. Curl Remover works great to loosen your curl. I have extremely curly and frizzy hair and it left my hair looser....not straight, or even wavy, but looser and very smooth. As someone else mentioned, the only problem is future applications. This is the reason I stopped using it.

It is very hard to get just on the roots...when I would try this it would sort of pull at my roots and get all tangly where the comb stopped (even though I detangled prior to use)...and I would be scared that leaving the product on tangly hair would damage that area so I would have to comb through...this was very bad for my hair, after using the product on several occassions it would make it very dry, damaged, dull and straw-like.

It also has a HORRIBLE chemical smell, of course. You cannot close the door to your bathroom or you will inhale all those fumes and feel woozy....and then your entire house stinks for days! My family always got mad at me when I used it. Your hair will also stink...I would apply the strongest fruitiest smelling conditioner after using Curl Remover but my hair would still stink of chemicals.

I guess for myself it is not good as a product for continuous use but more for a special occasion sort of thing. I havent used it in a very long time and I just might use it sometime soon.