I was natural before high school den society made me change he way i look to appeal to their likes After 2 years of relaxed hair i bced and went back natural since i've been getting teased. People are asking me what animal attacked me... laughing at my hair when it is in twists and some even stare and ask me what is going on with my head. :/ I act like i dont care but the insults really hurt i want people to like me for who i am and how my hair is...even though it might be short and no as curly as other peoples :/ .... Help?
Btw i am 4b/4c
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That's too bad that they're making remarks like this since I think your hair type is some of the prettiest on the planet.

I was at the grocery store just a few days ago and I saw a woman with what was probably 4c hair. It was beautiful little ringlets all over her head. I just had to stop and tell her how beautiful I thought it was; couldn't help myself. It truly was beautiful hair. Very, very curly; much more curly than I have ever had but it was gorgeous.