Wow. How mean people can be. I got some joke and I have 3c hair and am an adult. This happened when I first went natural. For example, people would tell me that my straight hair looked more natural!?. I would reply, "so what grows out of my scalp isnt natural??!!" Lol or if you dont like it you can take that up with GOD because I dont care. Now that my hair is much longer and lays flatter by itself, no one has nothing but positive comments. This transition starts with teasing but all those people will be green with jealousy when your hair is long and healthy. Chemicals dont have to be the option for everyone. I see natural hair all over corporate america so dont let people use that, "you will never get a job like that " line.

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I actually don't think the straightened hair looks more natural. You can see the differing texture at the roots, usually and it's not a "natural" sort of straight. People who are born with straight hair have some beautiful hair too, but naturally curly hair is some of the most beautiful hair I have personally ever seen.