kjwavy, doesn't CK give you "wet-hair" look, i used it last summer and i didn't like it for that reason, i still have some left so i think that i'm going to have to try it.

so we've come to the conclusion that for the summer we need more mouisture but with a ligther conditioner? which ones do you guys love?

it also seems like getting rid of leave-in works for a lot of people, so what other products are you pairing with you gels?

my pj wants to get out of control ladies, give me some recomendations

does anybody diffusse? or is airdrying better in the summer months, it seems like humidity drinks up all my products

thank you for all your responses, keep 'em coming
Very modified CG. Activate and B2B pomegranate Condish. Re:coil, Joiwhip, LOOB, HE set me up and orange bottle. Boots, cant' remember anymore.
In a place where dry and burned straight hair is so common my wild spanish curls are my greatest weapon!