cch - if I use too much CK, I get a somewhat "wet" look, but I probably use only a nickel sized blob over the top, bend over, & then another nickel sized blob on the under side of my hair, then I comb it all through. I top it all off with some Biosilk Rock Hard Gel, which has a tendency to look kind of wet (it actually just makes my hair look shiny), so it doesn't bother me.

This is why I can only use it in the very hot & humid weather - it just makes my hair look greasy & lank otherwise! Definitely give it another chance, try varying how much you're using, & comb it through if at all possible. I found that combing it through & letting it "set & soak in" for about 5 minutes before adding my gel really did make a difference!
Discovered in 09/2003

2b~~fine texture~~normal porosity (except for highlights, which are high)~~normal elasticity~~medium density

Shampoo: Still use sulfates, but only on roots
Rinse out: Deva One C, JC Too Shea, Original Sprouts Deep Conditioner
Curl Enhancers: KCCC; JC Rocking Ringlets, JC Spiralicious, & Confident Coils
Styler: BRHG (over any and all curl enhancers) - this is the one product that I never change - absolute HG!!