If you used bleach, colour and heat, your hair is probably not low porosity, (medium to) high porosity is more likely. If your hair is dry in two hours (that's fast in my opinion), canīt stand much oils and is easily weighted down or has easily too little volume, I would say your hair is probably (medium or) fine with (medium to) high porosity.
Keep in mind curly hair can look 'coarse' because it has a lot of volume, while actually the strands are fine.

A lot of girls on this forum have their hairtype and products they like in their signature. You can look for 'hair twins' and see what products they like.

What is your routine right now? Do you already do the Curly Girl method (=no shampoo method)? You said you have frizzy hair. That could mean different things, probably one (or more) of the following:
1. not enough proteïn
2. build-up
3. using humectants in high or low dewpoints
4. too little moisture
highlighted 3a hair. Fine strands, medium to high density. Probably high porosity. Growing uit bad layering and aiming for waist lenght!

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