thank u ladies, for your thoughts. I`m still reading about everything curly, it`s just so much stuff to read
i think (just read the link) my hair is fine but not to much, curls are a good s-shape with some tighter corkscrew strands in it (i think 2c-3a). Density is not that much, about medium, the bleach damaged my scalp also, my scalp looks through at some points. Overlayer of hair is most damaged because of the bright red, the underlayer is just black and curls more, also holds the curls better. I will grow the red out and hope, my hair density and texture will change. Because of that what i read, i think, i have medium to high porosity, the red is for sure high porosity, it dries up much faster than the rest.

my routine looks like this:

every second or third day i wash my hair with a light cg-friendly Conditioner, once a week with a cg-friendly shampoo. After massaging my scalp i wash the conditioner/shampoo out, again with massaging the dirt out. always with lukewarm to cold water. after that, i take a palmful of heavier conditioner and go through all of my hair, except the scalp (tend to oily scalp), comb my hair with a curly-friendly comb and tetangle it (i mostly haven`t that much tangles), after that, i rinse my hair with cold water, leave a little bit in from the conditioner. When my hair is still dripping wet, i add half fsg and half of devacurl ultra gel and scrunch it in all over my hair, lightly squeeze my hair with a microfiber towel and plopp for about 1 hour. my hair dries in about 2-3 hours, the red hair much faster.

to refresh my hair, i take some cold water and a little bit gel to lightly scrunch it up. At night i wear my hair up with a hair-friendly tie.

i think i do the cg-method, and yes, there is a lot of i have still to learn about it. I hatet my curls for a long time, but i see, they coming back with every good wash and care for it.

I`ll do a search for hair-twins, some products are unable for me, because i live in switzerland. next week i`ll get the devacare line, hope this will do it for me.
medium density, medium-high porosity, 2c/3a Curls, bright cherry red, growing out damage

low-poo: Sante shampoo brillant jojoba care
treatments: diy PT`s
Conditioner/leave-in: TBS Rainforest Condi`s & pure gelatin
styling: 4naturals spring back curling custard
SOTS with a tiny little bit of coconut oil

*don`t like polyquats, glycerine, silicones & too much oil