firefox thanks for your tip. i will do it. Will do a overnight treatment with coconnut oil

my conditioner contains a lot of oils, but its nearly empty. If i let to much in my hair, it gets greasy strands and oily scalp. But maybe with the devacare my hair will be better, i`ll have to try,

What red do u have? and what dye do you use? i can`t have that bright red without a little bleach, if i dont bleach my hair i`m dark brown. Before i bleachhed, i used manic panic reds, this gave me a subtle red shimmer, but not more.

my avatar picture shows my actual curls and colour, the reds tend to have more frizz, I`ll test what amount i have to use with the leave-in conditioner. Maybe i will find out soon, hope so
medium density, medium-high porosity, 2c/3a Curls, bright cherry red, growing out damage

low-poo: Sante shampoo brillant jojoba care
treatments: diy PT`s
Conditioner/leave-in: TBS Rainforest Condi`s & pure gelatin
styling: 4naturals spring back curling custard
SOTS with a tiny little bit of coconut oil

*don`t like polyquats, glycerine, silicones & too much oil