firefox, your colour sounds pretty i know directions, they are easier to get here, than manic panic, but i really like the vampire kiss!
I`d mixed cerise often with pillarbox red before. Now that i use to bleach my hair with affinage bred (wich gives a red violet itself with the bleaching process and a low peroxide 6%) i only take the manic panic to refresh, beause its hair-friendly.
But, thanks for the tip with the coconut oil, will definitly try this, i can`t my red let go
oh and i refreshed my lenghts also with bleach often in the last minutes of the process, that caused a LOT of damage, and my hair there curls not that much. Other strands, like the bangs i grow out, curls like a tight spiral.. so my hopes are, that maybe, if i care right for my hair, my curls will all do the tight spiral look. Will see...
medium density, medium-high porosity, 2c/3a Curls, bright cherry red, growing out damage

low-poo: Sante shampoo brillant jojoba care
treatments: diy PT`s
Conditioner/leave-in: TBS Rainforest Condi`s & pure gelatin
styling: 4naturals spring back curling custard
SOTS with a tiny little bit of coconut oil

*don`t like polyquats, glycerine, silicones & too much oil