My daughter is mixed, black and white. For the first 7 years of her life I never put chemicals in her hair. Once she entered 2nd grade she had said she wanted straight hair, and since her hair was so thick and curly I considered it. I had asked around did some research, on the effects of a relaxer. That's when I heard of the softener and how much "safer" it is. So I decided to give it a try. I read the instructions over and over as I was a little nervous. To my surprise it came out beautifully, her curls were still there but when I straightened it the frizzies were gone. I was very pleased. It held very well and about a year later I decided to reapply it. My friend who also uses it on her daughter said to apply it while her hair was already straightened and apply it to her whole head. This is where I made the big mistake! I should have stopped, I don't know why I didn't. But because her hair was dry it was clumping and I was pulling too much. When I rinsed it out I knew I had really ruined her hair, it was almost bone straight! Days later there was a lot of breakage. I took her to the salon and got her hair cut straight across in hopes of stopping the breakage. The breakage did stop and her hair looked healthy but the curls were still gone. Well it has been about 6-7 months and while the top of her hair is curly again the bottom stays straight. We have got it trimmed 3 more times since seems that the more we cut it the straighter the bottom gets . Shouldn't the old growth be cut off by now? My question is, is there anything else I can do to get her curls back or have a permanently ruined it? I have stopped straightening to avoid breakage and I have gone back to her old hair style of braids. I'm sorry this is so long. If anyone does take the time to read it I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you in advance