firefox.. i cant decide if i choose my curls or colour i want both of them! we`ll see how good my curls will do. Its nearly a month since i`m into cg. For the little time, this is still a good result on my hair.

morgan_adcock: did you mean the link posted before? I didn`t understood everything, but how long i read it right, i am fine-medium, about a 5 or so. but its so individual...
medium density, medium-high porosity, 2c/3a Curls, bright cherry red, growing out damage

low-poo: Sante shampoo brillant jojoba care
treatments: diy PT`s
Conditioner/leave-in: TBS Rainforest Condi`s & pure gelatin
styling: 4naturals spring back curling custard
SOTS with a tiny little bit of coconut oil

*don`t like polyquats, glycerine, silicones & too much oil