Having more than one curl type on your head is normal. Some people have more than two.

The way of getting round it is to finger coiling, twisting or use things like rods to set your hair. In other words you will need to spend time manipulating your hair as just applying a product won't work.

Alternatively you can just live with it and when people ask you questions or make comments just give them a short answer.

I do the latter when people "kindly" point out my curls are different sizes on sections of my head.
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Thank you! I've tried finger coiling but that area just won't hold a curl. I'm going to try perm rods or rollers and see how they work, though. I remember my mom roller setting my hair when I was little after applying product in it, and the results were always great. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that .

My hair is the same.. much curlier in front (3a) and wavy in the back (some days it's 2a/b, like today). I've never gotten stares, maybe you're just paranoid? I don't find different curl patterns to be odd, it's very normal. Hair does what it's going to do. Do you have layers? Is it shorter in the back? That's mainly my problem. You could pin a small portion of the front back, and that might help break it up a bit. Try different styles. Also, you might want to try a different hair cut.
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I wish I were just paranoid -- I have gotten pretty ignorant statements like, "you should really learn to take care of your hair" or "you need to learn to fix THIS" when people see that one particular area. I don't have a problem with having different curl patterns, but it makes styling more difficult for me. I used to have layers, but not really anymore. I've found a haircut that works for me after years of searching and trying many different ones -- while I do like the results, there is still somewhat of an issue when the hair dries. When my hair is wet, it is all one length, but when it dries, the middle part of my hair does look shorter and this is because it dries out and not down. It has a mind of its own, haha . In the summer, I do mostly pin up the back, and do alternate hairstyles quite a bit. I'm a huge fan of the messy side bun or the french braid, for example, but could use some suggestions re: what other styles I could try. I don't use a brush at all, if that matters. Thanks!!