It may be ok. I have low porosity, fine textured hair and my hair doesn't mind protein. I don't use it everyday though- I do protein treatments. I actually just upped my usage from once a month to pretty much weekly with no problems at all. You can always try it- usually those aren't very expensive so it's not a huge waste if you can't use it. Everyone at some point may need protein, its just that some peoples hair tends to need it more often.

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3C/4A, fine texture, low-medium density, and low porosity
CG since November 2013.

Pre-Poo: infrequent now, Coconut Oil overnight
Shampoo: Curls unleashed/for occasional sulfate wash when needed, everlasting sunshine.
Conditioner: Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine and GVP's conditioning balm.
Styler: iagirl's flaxseed curl cream or gelatin gel/conditioner mix. <3
PT: iagirl's gelatin treatment 3-4 times a month, with conditioner/honey/avj