I have seen several salons in Dayton and Troy (another city very close to where I live), but I'm concerned about a few things.

I have type 3c hair with some type 4 in there. A lot of people think curly hair is curly hair, but there is a HUGE difference between 3a tangles and 4a tangles. I know hair typing doesn't matter, but if need a stylist that is prepared for my hair. Someone used to very thick kinky hair.

I have had stylist that even had kinky hair themselves but had no idea how to handle my hair other than to use a relaxer. I wasn't natural then so it wasn't a big deal, it's just the fact that she wouldn't do my hair without putting a relaxer it first. It was a horrible disaster because I wanted my hair braided for the summer, and I was young and had no idea that you should NEVER braid hair after just having it relaxed. The result was horrible.

Now I know that just because a stylist wants to do something, and swears up and down that it's the best option, doesn't mean it will be good for my hair. I was naive and never realized that hairdresser can actually mess up peoples hair.

Anyway I'm just looking for someone who will cut my hair dry, in its curly state. I guess a deva cut?

I know that Troy has a salon that has a stylist that is trained to do the deva cut but I'm uncomfortable because, (I really hate to put it this way) but Troy has a very small black population. Almost non existent as I can tell. None of the stylists have curly hair. And though I know that it doesn't matter if it's white hair, mixed hair, Asian hair or african American hair (I know race has nothing to do with hair, hair is hair), if a person doesn't have much experience with fragile, super thick, kinky hair, they may think they know how to handle it (most stylist think they can do anyone's hair, just saying from experience) but it's just the honest truth that if you haven't done it, there's no way you can do it right.

I know from experience and everything I was taught when I was younger, that black people do not have white stylists. They just don't. I'm not saying this is true, I'm saying this is what I was taught, and have seen. Even though I'm multiracial my hair doesn't act like it is lol

Anyone I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm not trying to make anything about race, I just want to be sure that my stylist knows what they are getting themselves into. If anyone has curly hair in the Dayton area, please help me out.