Have you seen anyone with 3B or higher curls walking around with hair you like?

If so stop them even if you are on the street or in a shop, and ask them who cut their hair.

Then go for a consultation with their stylist. If the stylist comes at you with a fine tooth comb, doesn't examine your hair and doesn't ask you questions then don't book an appointment.

I've had two white stylists. One worked in a salon with Black women and had multiracial kids. This was when I was relaxed. I didn't exclusively go to her but I knew if she touched my hair it wouldn't be a mess.

The other I used when I was nature and she claimed never to have cut Afro type hair before in a town in a foreign country where there was only one other Black woman.

The 2nd stylist was 1000 times better than the 6 Black stylists, including a well-known natural hair "specialist" who seriously damaged my hair, I have had since before I found my current salon.