How do you guys deal with shrinkage? When I say shrinkage, I mean the type of shrinkage where shoulder length straightened hair, looks ear length curly(what I'm going through right now). Lately I have been getting out of the habit of neglecting my hair, but I am finding this to be quite a challenge. It's just easy to just put on a wig and just forget about my hair underneath. On the contrary I do want to wear my hair out more often, and I want to get to a point where hopefully , I don't have to resort to wigs or weaves for length. I hate both, just as much as I hate ps. >_< Even so I feel traped, like I have to, because my hair in its natural shrunken state simple doesn't suit my face shape. Don't get me wrong, I love my 4a coils, whenever I do twistouts and braidouts they look great, but I never actually wear them outside, because it just doesn't look right on me at my current length. Between now, and whenever I reach sl curly(my ultimate goal), I don't know what to do with my hair. I was thinking about putting it in a bun, but it's a bit hard to do unless it is stretched to the max, and dry(moisture-wise). Any tips?