It's totally worth it to me! I never really loved my curls until I got my first Deva cut. I'm in the St. Louis area, and it's 48 dollars at my salon, but the whole salon specializes in curly hair. They are all Deva trained. There is something to be said for going to a salon that understands curls and doesn't make me feel like an outcast for having them. After I had my son I started going to my mom's stylist because she only charged 20 bucks, but she made me feel like my hair was awful, and was always saying, in a snarky way, "yeah, you have your mother's hair." And she refused to listen to me that I need layers for my hair to behave, so I always ended up with triangle head. She also didn't understand that my hair is fine, not thin, and that really got on my nerves. So I went to her a few times and decided it wasn't worth it to look and feel bad. I just go a little less often to my curly salon and my hair looks great! I also convinced my mom to go there. lol
Anyway, sorry to be long winded, but the girl I go to now is awesome. She gives me the best haircuts I have ever had. I had a different girl at this salon before who was also great, but she left. This new girl is even better. My hair has a lot of shrinkage, so I love the dry cut. It makes a huge difference for me.
I spend a lifetime wishing for someone else's hair until I got my first Deva cut. Now I love my own hair!

3A, a mix of boticelli, corkicelli, and a few s-waves, baby fine, naturally porous, medium/high density

Pre-poo: coconut oil
Co-wash: TJ's Tea Tree Tingle, Sauve Naturals, VO5, As I Am coconut co-wash
Conditioner: TJ's Nourish, Tresseme Naturals, Sauve Naturals coconut, SM Coconut & Hibiscus
Styling: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, HETT Mousse (HG's!)
EcoStyler Krystal (new HG!!!), BRHG
coconut oil or jojoba oil to SOTC
Color treated with demi-permanent color to cover first grays