Thanks ladies, i appreciate the input. Right now my haircuts are $20. I found two deva hair stylists locally, both which ive read good reviews on. One has more experience (lindsay)and charges $60, the other one (kate)charges $46. They both have the same training, and i read a review from someone who use to go to Lindsay but one day she was booked solid so she tried kate and was very pleased.
Just starting CG (04/18/13)
2C/3A hair, medium texture, normal porosity (I think!)
Trying out: Suave Naturals wild strawberry (co-wash) Garnier Fructis Pure and Clean fortifying conditioner, Redken crystal curls 6, Live Clean Argan Oil Treatment, Pantene curl shaping gel
Thinking of trying: Live Clean Argan oil conditioner or Live Clean Bali Oil conditioner....who recommends them?