Years ago, before I was diagnosed as Celiac along with my other allergies my skin was in horrible condition. It seemed that even water irritated it.

For a time I did try cowashing my skin. For me it didn't work. In order to really get all the dirt off my skin (and it can get pretty dusty at work so I do mean a film of "dirt") I had to rub with a washcloth in order for it to work. Since my skin is sensitive the rubbing didn't agree with it at all and I was better off using a gentle foaming cleanser and moisturising afterwards instead.

I noticed the OP said she was going to use it with a loofa so in that case it just may work. However, for me, despite my skin being alot better than it used to be, it still wouldn't be able to handle all the rubbing. I've never been able to tolerate using a loofa; just way too abrasive/scratchy.
Very fine, high porosity, currently dyed and growing out the relaxed portions. I'm pretty sure my hair's 3b something IIRC. We will be finding out for sure as time goes by.