YES! I think Deva Cuts are worth the price if you wear your hair curly most of the time. I'm not sure how it would look if you straighten it. I was definitely worried about trying them, because they are so much more money but I will say that they are definitely worth it. I look forward to getting my hair cut now and know that I will be well taken care of by my stylist. I also don't have to go as much. The first time I got it cut was back during the first week of January and I just went last week again. I think this time I can go 4 months without getting it cut again, whereas I was going every month to get it cut before. Also, I use less product now and love my hair more.

The first picture is before my first Deva Cut. My layers grew out and all of my hair was bottom heavy, if that makes sense. I was nearing that triangle shape for sure. The second picture is my first Deva Cut, and the third is my current Deva Cut. I really think that if you can find a stylist you like and who listens, it is worth it.
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3B, fine, normal porosity, high density, medium width and length
Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle
Co-Wash: As I Am Coconut Co-Wash
Leave in Products: As I Am Leave-In, SM Smoothie/Milk, KCKT, Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Air Dry

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