Aaah! LOL 'tis okay! =P

Is there really anyone who can withstand using those natural loofas? It seems to me one would have to have skin of steel to withstand one of those things!

But my skin is wimpy. It's alot better than it used to be but still sensitive and quite reactive when it doesn't like something. It barely tolerates 0.5% Salicylic acid at a 3.5pH to get some exfoliation. Though it doesn't mind the puffy balls. Hmmm... Now I'm starting to wonder if it may work now, too.
Originally Posted by Zeldahime
Skin of steel, that's for sure! My skin is wimpy too plus I have a super low pain tolerance. The only place I've used one of those things is on the back of my calves where I have bumps from crossing my legs. Although, I've been trying to use up old products and I came across a sea salt/shea/oil scrub. Oh my goodness, those bumps are virtually gone after 2 scrubs! I couldn't believe it. That hard scratchy thing is going in the garbage, haha!
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