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I'm noticing lately that my crown area and the area that is where I lay on when I lay on my back need trims more often than other places on my head. They get really tangly no matter what, and rough feeling sooner than other hair areas.
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Got that issue too and would like to trim that part of mine separately. How do you separate them into the "crown section"?

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I have learned what those scraggly ends feel like, so I usually notice them first in the shower as I'm finger detangling. For my hair it is a case of no matter how much conditioner, or how long I let conditioner sit in that area it takes a bit of work to detangle that area gently. Then I just try to make sure to check those areas after my hair has dried to catch them. I take very small sections of hair and smooth down the length as many times that it takes to get a good idea of where the "roughness" starts before cutting.

Since I've started wearing my hair curly, I really have not had as many problems because I finger detangled more often than not from the start. I will say that having breakage like I described also depends on how long I leave those problem ends on. So when I spoke of my breakage experience I wasn't clear enough that this was when I would get "trims" like once a year, twice at the most. For me this was pretty much all of high school and half-way through undergrad for my experience. At the time I was very wary of stylists because I always felt like they cut too much even after I told them I just wanted the damage gone. I laugh a lot at my younger self now because my hair would "grow" like crazy for a few months after a cut, then stop, and I'd keep my length for awhile until it got to where I couldn't do anything with it (like trying to get my chemically relaxed hair to hold a curl, not lose so much while washing, or not look so frizzy). So I'd go in for a haircut and come out mad that I lost so much length, then start the whole asinine process over again.

When I transitioned from chemical relaxing, I had been on a healthier hair journey- I started with healthier hair and got trims when I started having tangling problems instead of just doing one or two big cuts. I also had the mindset of wanting to get rid of the relaxed hair as soon as possible, with less emphasis on getting longer hair which has occurred to me as I've written this book. That may be something that makes my experience drastically different.
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