I really do not know how our housekeeper stands it. She is the very best housekeeper we have had in my 10 years at work. She is non stop! She sprays down the buttons on the elevators, door handles, cleans all the trash cans and recycling bins, mops (our office 3x a week), waxes floors, is up on ladders dusting light fixtures... She keeps the building spotless, and is adorable while doing it because she is such a petite little speed ball. We appreciate her so much, and I can not speak for everyone in my office, but at least 2 of the 4 shifts clean up after themselves and take out large amounts of trash over long weekends so she won't have to. We do our best to cut down on her load, and if we notice something overly gross other shifts have left we will put on gloves and clean that too. Luckily it's not that often but we do have one who won't wipe up a drink she spilled or ... Apparently the majority of the Sheriffs Department is like this. They have a different house keeper who has been out sick for a couple weeks. He does have some disorders and is not the best at his job. Taking out the trash and changing toilet paper rolls and paper towels is all he can do. Or all he will do. He panics if asked to do anything else. Now our housekeeper has the main building and theirs to clean. She said it is disgusting, but it does not matter how well you clean it. She spent the last two days getting it spotless. She has to go back this afternoon because she said people will isht all over the bathrooms and smear it on the walls. That's the public restrooms. Nice, considering that these pissed off at the system a*sholes are not affecting anyone but housekeepers who make the lowest salary of any county employee and often have disabilities.

The officers are no picnic either. They apparently do nit clean up spills, someone knocked the shredder over last night, walked through it and left the paper everywhere... They have so many new ones, who knows. I know several on patrol had OCD when I started, but they have moved up to different jobs. Regardless, they need to quit acting like 16 year olds and the general public needs a boot up their butt for not thinking.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??