Im confused, what does the fact that calcium hidroxide is a low lye relaxer have to do with TEA?

And you yourself proved there is no relaxing! Its acid!

Edited: looked up at the article and it talks about viscosity of denatured protein solutions, what does that have to do with this? Im lost.
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okay, it's a lot so it can be confusing. it essentially proves that a alkaline subsance(The alkaline egg), the addition of an acid, water being a base, and the denaturing effects of heating, that NaOH will be produced. Why? Because it in total combination makes it difficult for the salt turning properties to completely dissolve, meaning the salt compound is still formed, also resulting in the clear color and gel consistency (aka "clear colored viscious liquid". With out heat, the colors would be "opalescent" With out heat, NaOH would not form.

Also NaOH's bond breaking properties are not singularily reliant on the ph alone. No where have i said the ph is what causes the hair bonds to break. Sodium bicarbonate would never have this effect on the hair. It's the fact that there is hydroxide in it that creates the difference. I have credible scientific sources that directly prove that. Will post them in edit.
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Ok you are just making all that up. Just in case you are not a troll: the adding of NaOH or an acid to a protein solution (the albumin) will denature the protein (it breaks the protein structure, like heat also does), and denaturalized albumin is viscous. Thats it. Stop making it up, its ok not to know things, its just absurd to pray you know them when you dont even have a clue. Seriously im not trying to be disrespectfull, im just engcouraging you to take some basic chemistry books and enjoy learning from the basics.
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I'm not making it up. Everything i have said, i will post a link that identifies it. You are just not reading the eniter abstract because it says that. I haven't quoted it yet though. but i will edit and edit in the quotes/