every time i think the Conservative party here is bad, some segment of Republicans do something even stranger:

Dana Milbank: Conservatives to women: Lean back - The Washington Post

some highlights (lowlights?):

"...feminism has done so much damage to happiness.”

“If we truly want women to thrive,” Charen concurred, “we have to revive the marriage norm.”

“...it is the decline of marriage that is the lodestar for why people’s voting behavior is what it is,”

“Women know that because of the nature of their bodies, because they carry and bear children and nurse and nurture children, that they need protection and support. . . .

these are the two that rile me the most:

Feminism also, Charen said, creates college campuses “where hooking up is considered normal and date rape is difficult to prevent.”

women enjoy domestic work

there aren't enough eye-roll emoticons in the world...

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