I have trouble with silk protein, it broke my hair off in one big clump. It's not a wonder, because silk comes from pigs!! The link below supports this idea:

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Silk is made from polyester, no wonder.
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But you still saw shedding, right? I had not, and i handled and observed my hair, double checked my pillows, my satin bonnet, carefully detangled my hair in sections (not excessive shedding was found)

Also, my bald spot was smooth and round with no sign of newgrowth. Not even peach fuzz, not dark brown dots. This is similar in how lye effects some people. Of course my effects happened slowly, and so the effects were muted. If you lost hair from a lye relaxer, it would happen immediately in larger amounts

a protein allergy would never do that, and if you did you would see shedding. and also I regularly do protein treatments with both animal protein(egg) and yogurt. No issues. My conditioner also contains trace amount of protein. No problems.

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