Ok you win, I quit. This makes no sense to me.

First news I have that if I add some vinegar on my fried egg Ill get lye and it will turn transparent. First news table salt is alkaline like NaOH.

Still dont underestand what this has to do with TEA, Im sorry im dumb.

Had fun chatting with you and im glad your beautiful hair is recovering
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You are not dumb, this stuff is incredibly confusing for any normal person, which is why I had to spend dozens of hours straight for days studying the abstracts and reading every last bit of the full study.

There is a quote addressing the fact that the acid must be heated along with it after. Also, that only happens with a certain range of acids. No, table salt is not anywhere near basic enough to have that effect, which is in the direct quotations. Also, this is not a regular egg, it's very basic. Regular Eggs are neutral. This is a special egg used in the experiment.

I will reclarify why TEA is involved with more quotes, don't worry.
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Its ok dont worry, im not going to underestand so dont bother. I apreciate it anyway.
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No problem, but I am still going to post it for the sake of everyone else, so it doesn't get brought up again.