You know... I got to thinking from your posts, that lye actually comes from pig testicles. So maybe these are connected somehow.

This Pig Has Huge Testicles! | WTFoodge
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That makes no sense, and you are trolling and not supporting what you are saying with facts. Please do not continue to troll this thread with ridiculous information.
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Not only that, but you even proceed to imply that my own experience is irrelevant. Very disrespectful.
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You supported your experience with a video on some humourous website about pig testicles. Your abstract was a graphic design abstract about pig neck ties. And I have proven the tiethanolamin forms NaOH with acidic compound and heat, and water based. The compund is called, TRIETHANOLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE, NaOH.

You are spreading lies and your disagreements have

been thoroughly proved baseless as a result of you

not reading the thread or any of the scientific studies.

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