Baking Soda is pretty terrible for hair. Again, it's best for low porosity hair as they need help lifting the cuticle and oilier scalps. Baking soda has a PH of 8.3 so this is pretty much the same PH as hair dye and it'll lift the cuticle in the same way. Even "balancing" out with the vinegar doesn't sound too good, altering your hairs PH so drastically doesn't sound like a great idea.

I personally would look into exclusive co washing if I were you. However, if you want an all natural way of washing your hair, I've heard of honey washing. The idea behind honey washing is that you coat it onto the wet strand and the dirt/oil sticks to it, so when you rinse out and follow with a conditioner (if you choose) then the hair is cleaned.

I've seen another blogger make shampoo bars out of coconut milk and aloe vera gel. This is supposed to nourish the hair and scalp whilst cleaning it too.