For 10% off for 55+!!!!!!!

Me: "but I'm not 55..."

Her: "well, I'm only 54, but they don't check IDs or anything. Giggle, giggle"

Me: "I'm 39."

Her: silence.

I'm rethinking this growing out the gray thing right about now!!!
Originally Posted by chloe92us
Some people automatically equate gray with "senior citizen". When I was in college my WA State history instructor was also the men's basketball coach and he was about 6'7" and in my opinion, he was hot. Super hot, if you catch my drift. He was, however, prematurely gray/white. Many of the other students thought he was some old man and told me I was weird for thinking he was cute. He was only in his early 30s at the time, too. His face was smooth and wrinkle free and the only thing that looked even remotely "old" about him was his premature gray-white hair. If I remember right, he was actually just about completely white.

That is going to be an issue with some people if you have much gray in your hair, unfortunately.