I have this problem with my temples and my nape. All of my hair is 3c, the curls clump nicely and lay down and look "neat". But it seems all my edges, especially my temples and nape are 4c ish. When my hair dries i look like a mushroom. The back and sides of my hair dry straight out and then the rest of my hair just drapes over it.

It's especially noticeable with my bangs. My bangs are extremely heat damaged. parts of my bangs are almost completely straight, some parts la loose 3c, and then on the sides crazy 4a or maybe even b. I get crazy shrinkage and no matter what it looks like wet, it always dries with no curl at all. It's just fluff. But the ends are heat damaged but make the loveliest curls. So imagine an Afro that goes straight out at he roots then turns into lose 3c. It looks so weird.

For a while I was worried that my hair was only 3c because of heat damage, and my real hair was actually 4a or b. I was worried I'd have to big chop the whole thing. But after looking closer all of my roots are 3c except the temples and back.

I've tried finger coils and twist. They don't work, but I've found braiding the temples works very well. If I do a braid out it looks almost just like the rest of my hair, or I keep the sides braided and pull it to the back of my head and it looks lovely. The best part is I don't look like a mush room anymore!!!!