Yes. I remember wearing ones similar to the first picture but it had 2 thin belts on the waist. They were a dark jean. I never cared for the baggies. They really did not work on me, but I loved Hammer pants. I had several different pairs guaranteed to put your eyes out. Bright yellow with red and cobalt blue designs. Lol.

I know, Rou! PS... It's 80 degrees here today Beautiful!

I finally had a chance to finish my side project today. I am glad that is over with. Hopefully people will leave us alone to actually do our jobs now. It's been crazy the past 2 days. I keep getting very lonely elderly people who just want to talk. Unfortunately I do not have time to talk when they call. One is starting to get a little frustrating, though. She just changed nursing homes after some drama and she wants to yell about that. Does not want officers to come or call, does not to make a report, etc. She just wants us to call her old nursing home and tell them to quit running their mouths about her.

When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??