I wonder if the staff at nursing homes in my area still do fun activities with the residents. It seems like we get more lonely calls than we used to. We have always gotten calls from those with dementia who think someone is stealing everything and out to get them. I just don't know how involved employees are anymore or if they have changed protocols. 3 women in my office are CNA's and have worked in nursing homes in the past. They always scheduled fun days for the women. If there is one thing to know about the older generations, past and current, it's that women want their hair done! These are ladies who had 1 or more hair appointments a week, every week. Set up a salon day, wash their hair, do a roller set and ask if they want their nails done and they will be happy as larks! I have a feeling that does not happen much anymore. When our last senior that we called every morning went down hill and was places in a nursing home, my whole office called several times to check on her. We kept asking us to please let us know if she needed something. We never heard a word, a few of my co workers went to visit her and found out she had been in the same t shirt and bathrobe she was picked up by EMS in, almost 2 weeks earlier. We were livid. We got clothes for her from family members closets and did her hair. She had no family here. They had all passed away. We were it, and we loved her. She was sweet and hell on wheels at the same time. She was known to stab a man or two in her in her day if he tried to steal from her or anything else. Nothing fatal but enough to get her point across. Lol. Anyway, I know churches still bring youth groups in to sing. Children are another thing that keeps them happy. The men are content if you play games or just listen to stories. It makes a difference.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??