Nope, even as a straight haired girl I would always finish the conditioner before the shampoo. I see a lot of shampoo/conditioners the same size, it's just what the store decides to carry, I suppose.
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True, in grocery stores and drug stores they tend to usually be the same size. And sometimes in the salons as well. However, whenever they are NOT the same size, it's always the conditioner that's smaller. And it is actually pretty often. Every Redken product I saw there was a conditioner smaller than the shampoo. But since it's more common in salons it makes sense that it might be about the sizes they choose to stock, rather than the sizes they are exclusively manufactured in.

I remember reading in a magazine once that the shampoo you chose mattered far less than the conditioner you chose. That they were all similar (and I suppose who you are comparing shampoos that all contain lots of sulfates, that we be somewhat true among them?). Perhaps the larger shampoos are to create a perception of value and encourage you to buy them....