I understand your dilemma, my hair is APL when straightened, but is collarbone length when curly and in a twist-out or wash n' go (if I were to wear it without any product it would be about shoulder length). The length it shrinks to is extremely awkward for me. It's not long, but it's not short.

Have you ever tried banding? It will stretch your hair out quite a bit, farther than twist-outs or braid-outs. I have two different methods of banding. One way is by putting my hair in 6 sections, applying shea butter to each section, and putting each section in a ponytail with a soft elastic, then placing more elastics on each section (about 1 inch away from one another) until I'm all the way at the end. That way stretches my hair out quite a bit, even though I'm not a big fan of it because it makes all of the volume in my hair completely go away.

The second way is pretty much just a way for me to stretch my hair but in a very wash n' go like manner. Instead of shea butter, I use Proclaim curl activator gel on all 6 sections and I put the elastics on more loosely and spread them farther apart from one another. I leave more hair loose at the bottom so that I can twist the ends. It gives me the exact look of a wash n' go but gives more stretch and control to the style.

The best (and main) way I deal with shrinkage is putting my hair up. When your hair is up you don't see or think about the length, nor do you have to deal with or worry about the shrinkage. I don't know if you like the look of crown braids or twists but if so that would also be a good option. Since right now you can't put your hair in a bun, doing a crown twist would be an alternative option so that you don't have to worry about shrinkage.

This woman's hair when curly looks about ear length in the front, neck length in the back: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-73h1tpXal8...u+knot+out.JPG

She did a bantu knot out on it, you may have success with that.
Curl Pattern: A crazy mix of 4B, 4A, and even 3B.

Normal porosity, high density, medium width strands.

Current length: Bra strap length
Short-term goal: Mid-back length
Ultimate Goal: Waist length

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