I love Coconut Oil and would really recommend try it out. I think everyone has different experiences because everyone has different hair. Saying that though Coconut oil is widely used by many different people with different hair and I would say it is many peoples go-to oil.
I am not great with science (and please anyone correct my science, if its wrong!) but coconut oil supposedly has a low molecular weight which allows it penetrate the hair, rather than just coat it. Theoretically this means it should have more of a lasting effect. I love Coconut oil personally, it is cheap, easy and great for homemade DC's and masks, its really versatile. I have tried a many other oils, Argan Oil amongst them and I still prefer coconut. My experience of Argan Oil was that it was hugely overrated, I used it for around a couple of months and just didn't see much improvement, certainly not worth the price tag.

But I think the only way to really tell is to try it. I usually try to see what people with similar hair types like and go from there, just to limit what I have to try. But ultimately your hair will have its own way.
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