My contribution to the baggies convo

Lyrics from The walk (the time) as it won't stop playing in my head

Who me? I wear baggies, zip, snap, and drop
Easy access baby
Yes, before you get a chance to holler stop
Besides, Rollo likes his freedom
Ain't nothin' like a fresh pair of baggies
Now I know that's right
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Quoting Time lyrics is always a major contribution!

I don't think jazz shoes caught on where I live. I can't remember anyone wearing them. Plain white Ked's were more of a trend here.


Good job!

(Really good job. My first CPR call was my Great Aunt who had just had a major operation and fresh stitches down her chest, and my cousins husband who had the stomach flu was doing CPR. Never forget it. What kind of hell is this?)

I'm still jelly of their set up. I would love to have a training center that new employees spent a couple months in before they came into the center. No funding for that in rural areas, though!
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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