Poor babies. I tuned into my local news for a moment this morning and saw a story about a horrible wreck near Boone (I think they said Boone). The car flipped, and a baby who was not properly secured in a car seat was ejected through the window and flung into a briar patch. My heart stopped when they showed pictures of the rescuers trying to get the little guy (6 mo old or so) out. I know that was hard on everyone. He is still in the hospital but will hopefully be okay.

Then I watch a bit of GMA this morning and see stories about razor blades being glued and taped all over playgrounds in a few different states. Wtf? And why are they calling it a "prank". Pranks do not hurt anyone. Pranks are teasing. Putting numerous straight edge razor blades in locations where children will easily cut themselves is something completely different.

After those horrible stories... Do they eyes on your children's cereal boxes cause them to connect with the character on the box and have urges to eat the cereal? Oh please and stfu! Unless children are buying their own cereal, I think they're okay. PS- This is based on studies done with college students. Lol.

Other than that it's 54 degrees this morning and even though it's supposed to rain, I am happy! No coat required. Just a light sweater.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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