Based on the books categories I would say based on how it looks now I would say wavy in the back and cherub curls in the front. However, you do seem to have root-curl tendencies and the hair up there seems to curl more than lower down, while the weight should give the opposite effect. That makes me think that you have a fair bit of damage. So, my guess is that you either belong to the cherub category all over or botticelli. I don't think you need to be absolute sure though, just take a guess and if you hesitate, read both and try to go with something in the middle or test both. You will still need to figure out how much to leave in to use etc anyway so it's not written in stone.

Regarding the number-letter system, I think you are currently at a 2B/2C/3A, with mainly 2B in the back and some hints of 3A in the front. I would expect this to change though as your hair gets healthier.
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