Your hair looks a LOT like mine. It's tighter 3a/b botticelli curls around my face and in the back underneath with loose 2c swaves and some loose ringlets in the back. As I condition it more and treat it better my waves in the back are turning into some ringlets as it grows. I highlight regularly so I condition a lot. My hair also LOVES coconut oil prepoo treatments.
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Yep, that's just about how mine is. The entire "underneath" is much more curly than the top layer but the area around the face has developed tighter, more well defined curls lately and the back is looking pretty curly now too. The stuff right on the back of my neck has always been tight ringlets; my grandpa "claimed" one of them when I was a kid and my family referred to it as "grandpa's curl".

I've never colored my hair. When I was a teen I used to use lemon juice in the sun to lighten it and then moved to OTC peroxide sprayed in to lighten it. Did that for a year or so but it's been probably 30 years or more since I've done that.