Omg you really think that my hair could be botticelli?? Not in my wildest dreams!!! I am positivly speechless and that gives me motive to continue my cg routine!!!

Although as you said I do have a lot of damage which make my hair tangly and causes me more shed. And inevitable I have to use more condish to detangle. I tried finger combing but my hands didn't got through.

Also my hair as soon as dews went up oils cause me so much frizz. Why is that? When dews were below 40 my hair was cooperative. Now it's so misbehaving. Should I give finger detangling one more chance? My tangles look like fuzzy balls. I will pre poo again on next wash and see how it works. And oily scalp might be not good massaging actually. J used another co wash this time that made my roots not to be stuck on my head but.... I had to detangle and that messed up everything.

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