KaZenner1990, yes, the healthier the hair the easier to handle. As long as you know how to handle it. :P You don't have to compensate for damage to the same level.

To make it super-simple, the hair tries to get to the same moisture level as the surroundings. When the dews are really low the air is super dry. As you don't want your hair to get superdry you will have to seal in moisture so that it cannot escape. It gets even more complicated as some products that work well on binding water in higher dews actually can extract water from the hair in the low dews.

When the dews are optimal there is no need to seal in the moisture as it will not leak moisture (=water) to the air. You will however need to make sure the hair has enough moisture so that it does not start feeding on the water in the air and becomes frizzy.

Go and try to find a schampo you can wash the silicone out with and a co-wash that is silicone free. I would start with that and then you can go figure the rest of the things out along the way.
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