Your hair looks so nice and non-frizzy. My hair looks like that (but frizzy). What's your routine?
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Ive sort of avoid sharing my routine because its not exactly recommended. I wash my hair way more than Im 'supposed to' because I go to the gym and I don't do any sissy work out, if Im not covered in sweat then it isn't a work out. I can't skip washes and, fortunately, I have hardly any reason to. My hair will get frizzy if I brush it too much or if it humid, but otherwise its always been nice to me. I am careful to use sulfate free shampoos. Currently I alternate Shea moisture and Curl Junkies Cleanser (not the CO cleanser). On non gym days (2 days a week) I do just a CO wash rather than skipping because I don't like second day hair. It always looks better after getting wet and air drying. I go heavy on the conditioner and I leave it on for the entire length of my shower. Also, in the winter when its dry I add a leave in conditioner so it won't be all staticy.

Anyway, I think Im going to confidently say Im a 2b. The only time my hair gets ringlets is if I really don't touch it at all I just can't do that for too long. These pictures are how my hair looks most often, after having been brushed a few times during the day. The first one was after a day out severe wind and I added product when I got home so it looks kinda stringy. The second is no product and minimally brushed.

Sometimes I do get carried away with the brushing and end up with 1c hair, then I smooth it with water many times to reduce the frizz that came from all the brushing: