Hello, all! I'm about to start the CG method this month, equally excited and anxious about it. I have very fine hair, so I'm hoping the co-washing doesn't weigh it down too much. Decided to try this method because my hair is so dry! (I have dry skin too, fun stuff.)

I have kind of a toss-up between type 3A & 3B curls, currently the "canopy" (top layer) of my hair falls all flat and frizzy while all the curls underneath flourish. I once permed just this top layer of my hair to match the curls to the ones underneath, and that worked pretty well but it has obviously grown out now. I haven't done it again, and hope I don't have to if the CG-method works out as well as it seems to for so many! Fingers officially crossed.
3A/3B Fine Texture High-to-Mid Back Length never relaxed or dyed

Going CG in April 2014! Finishing up the last of my sulfate/silicone products.