Yes, you have my hair, but much more cooperative! I also gets ringlets in the front and nape. Sometimes it just looks straight 2c, who knows!

It really is lovely. You also look like Jennifer Connely from your profile.

A lot of board members wash their hair every day. You're using very mild shampoos so that helps a lot IMO. While I think my hair would look better if I wet and styled every day I HATE having wet hair and don't have the time to dry every morning.

Do you know your hair properties? Also it seems like the dew points in your area might be favorable re:frizz.
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Im actually thinking of changing my gym routine to avoid the extra washing. It has never seemed to damage my hair or dry it whatsoever but I am trying to grow it longer and having it wet all day would be annoying. Im thinking of a strict cardio weights separation (instead of HIIT or circuit type trainings) so that I don't have to wash on weight days when I wouldn't sweat so much. We'll see how that goes. When I start grad school next semester with a teaching appointment, I will need to look professional and not show up with soggy wet hair, lol.

I lived in north florida for a few years and it was very humid there. I actually really liked what the humidity did for my hair. It was always so much more curly and had more body. When I visited Seattle summer before last, same thing. My hair had more body, not more frizz. Where I am now it is very very dry so I get static easy and my hair is flatter, I hate that.

ETA - Ive never thought I look like any celebrities Ive been compared to (Julia Roberts and Alanis Morisette, the latter I think was because of my hair when it was longer, not my face though) but I think its just the angle of the picture in this case. I don't think my features are quite so dainty and elegant as Jennifers. lol.

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