I have 3b/c hair and I like this product; it's my second favorite.

I use it alone. Although it's very light-feeling on my hair it somehow elongates my hair and keeps the curls from crinkling up. It gives me sort of a "wet look" but lasts throughout the day with no frizz (for me).

If you're hesitant to plunk down big $$$ do what I did - keep checking the Swapper board for someone selling or trading the product.

Would *I* pay full price for it? Ummm, maybe. I just don't think it's *that much better* than my beloved (but not CG) Amplifier.
No more PJ tendencies. Tigi Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is the best thing to make my curls rock all day! Next best are KCCC and Re:Coil +HE TT Gel.